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Isn't technology great? Through the wonders of iPads, Kindles, Kobos and NOOKs, my books are now available again as eBooks for every possible device without harming a single tree (although a couple of bushes may have been roughed up a bit).

This is a collection of almost a hundred of my best columns about "helpful" bank clerks, "empowered" customer service reps, telemarketers, and otherwise dealing with a world that often refuses to see how little sense it makes. Plus there's the joys of parenthood and you'll also finally discover the main difference between men and women (hint - it's all about flashlights, home surgery, and how you feel about finding bulk toilet paper on sale).

A collection of my columns in convenient book form (what we used to read before the Internet) came out a couple of years back. It's available as an eBook in all formats from SmashWords here for a mere $2.99. It is also available to download directl;y through the iTunes bookstore, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

ISBN: 978-0-986-81270-5
eBook (all formats)
Approx. 51,000 words (pages are so passe...)


Here's my novel that blends fact and fiction about the closing days of World War II into a thriller in the tradition of The Eagle has Landed. The Last Blitzkrieg is my well-recieved foray into the world of speculative historical fiction.

The Russians are at the gates of Berlin. The war is won. Or is it? Even as the Red Army deals Nazi Germany its death blow, Hauptmann Träger, reluctant hero of the Reich, is working his way to the heart of Moscow with the last of Germany’s wonder weapons. The Last Blitzkrieg is a fast-paced thriller woven around real people and actual historical events sometimes more surprising than fiction.

Available now at Smashwords as an eBook so you can carry me on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo or whatever for only $5.99. Read the first few chapters for free - so try before you buy. It is also available to download directly through the iTunes bookstore, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

ISBN: 978-0-9868127-1-2
eBook (all formats)
Approx. 136,700 words


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